Steven Strach

BSc (Hons), PhD, MRACI, C.Chem.  MCSFS (UK)

Senior Forensic Document and Handwriting Examiner


Steven joined FDS in September 1990. He has extensive court experience in Australia and overseas (including UK, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Bermuda) spanning a period of over thirty years.  He has provided many hundreds of expert reports on a wide range of document examination matters including examinations of signatures and handwriting (both of which include foreign script examinations), stamp impressions, sequences of writing, photocopy and fax origins, typewriting, altered documents and document manipulation. He regularly co-presents forensic document examination awareness workshops together with other FDS staff and is occasionally called upon by lawyers, investigators and other interested groups to lecture (often with hands-on demonstrations) on the applications of forensic document examination.


Steven holds the degrees of Bachelor of Science and Doctor of Philosophy in Chemistry from the University of Sheffield (UK) and is a former forensic document examiner with the London Metropolitan Police Forensic Science Laboratory. Whilst there, Steven recognised the potential of the original ESDA research and was a key figure in ensuring the on-going research (1977-78) which resulted in the development and commercialisation of the ESDA for document examination by what later became the (English based) company Foster + Freeman Ltd.

Steven has a strong interest in scientific research on various aspects of document examination.  He has presented scientific papers on many occasions at meetings both in Australia (ASFDE Inc., ANZFSS) and overseas (ASQDE, GFS, ENFHEX) on forensic science and document examination. His interests include relative timing of document entries, statistics as applied to document examination, electronic (biometric) signature and handwriting technology and the fundamentals of scientific evidence presentation. He is a co-author of the chapter “Document Analysis - Handwriting” in the Encyclopedia of Forensic Science (Academic Press, 2000). Steven and other FDS staff are co-authors of a Wacom/FDS co-funded but independently researched White Paper (2018) titled “Evaluation of Wacom’s Electronic Handwritten Signature Technology”.  He is also author or co-author of many scientific papers, many of which pertain to forensic document examination.


·         Member, Committee member for many years and former Treasurer of the Australasian Society of Forensic Document Examiners Inc. (ASFDE Inc.)

·         Corresponding Member of the American Society of Questioned Document Examiners (ASQDE)

·         Australian and New Zealand Forensic Science Society (ANZFSS)  

·         Australian Academy of Forensic Sciences (AAFS)

·         The Chartered Society of Forensic Sciences (UK)

·         Royal Australian Chemical Institute (RACI)