Australian Academy of Forensic Sciences Inc. (AAFS) meeting, 15 August 2018

Thursday, 23 August 2018

On 15 August, 2018 Michelle Novotny attended the plenary session of the Australian Academy of Forensic Sciences Inc. (AAFS) in Sydney.  The evening’s topic was “Identifying experts: The (cognitive) science of recognising and communicating expertise”, presented by Associate Professor Kristy Martire.  The presentation was structured around considering five main questions: What is an expert? Are forensic scientists experts? Where does expertise come from? Can jurors identify experts? And do jurors understand expert opinion?  (  Having heard A/Prof Martire speak a number of times to varying audiences (including earlier this year at the ASFDE Inc. conference), Michelle really enjoyed the rich new information shared with the AAFS members.  A/Prof Martire included reference to data from some of her recent studies (which are in preparation and submission) relating to juror perception of experts and expert opinions.  As with all research, while some answers are found, often many more questions arise that need to be asked in the pursuit of justice.