Diary entry addition

A case was submitted which required determining whether an entry in a diary that read "Meeting 2pm Signing Wend" (sic) was all written sequentially on the one occasion. 

The examination revealed that the words "Meeting", "2pm" and "Wend" all exhibited similar void or stria patterns whereas the word "Signing" did not exhibit a corresponding stria pattern.  Such stria patterns are caused by burrs on the ball housing and/or an accumulation of fibres and other materials that build up between the ball and the housing.  These burrs and/or extraneous materials cause ink to be wiped from the rotating ball during the act of writing and create a consistent pattern whilst ever the grasp of the pen remains constant. 

In this case the inconsistency in the stria pattern provides strong evidence that the word "Signing" was not written as a sequential part of the entire entry.