Loan Documents

A loan document (or loan instrument) is a document that records a loan agreement between a borrower and lender.  Loan documents often consist of multiple documents all associated with the one transaction including letters of offer/acceptance, acknowledgements, declarations, direct debit requests and guarantees.

As with deeds and mortgage documents, it is often claimed that the signatures of one or multiple borrowers on a loan document have been forged and forensic examinations can be conducted to determine whether or not the signatures are genuine. 

Sufficient specimens of the purported signatory (as well as the suspected writer) will allow forensic examinations to be undertaken to determine the genuineness or otherwise of the questioned signatures.  Handwritten entries (such as dates and names) on the document may also warrant examination.

Related case studies: 

Bank guarantee disavowal

A bank sought to recover funds pursuant to a bank guarantee.  The purported guarantor denied having signed the bank guarantee and claimed that the signature thereon was a forgery. 

Not my signature on that guarantee

Fingerprint examinations are not confined to criminal matters: their application in civil matters is becoming increasingly relevant.