Travel & Identification Documents

Travel documents include passports and visas.  Passports are also a document used for identity, but other identity documents include birth certificates, marriage certificate, naturalisation and citizenship certificates, identity cards, proof of age cards and licences.  Other similar documents include pensioner cards and credit cards. 

These are not limited to only Australian documentation but rather from all continents across the globe.

These documents are frequently queried in matters of identity theft and refugee applications and the issue raised is whether the document is an altered genuine document or complete counterfeit.  The application of a series of analysis techniques and use of various microscopic, electrostatic and photo-analytical instrumentation in the FDS laboratories allows our forensic document examiners to undertake detailed examinations to determine the genuineness or otherwise of such documents.

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Is it an original stamp?

Many organisations around the world rely on the use of official rubber stamp impressions to authenticate their documents.  The forensic document examiners at FDS undertake examinations of what purport to be original rubber stamp impressions on all manner of documents to make a