Documents from WWI & WWII

FDS is often requested to examine historical documents in the context of people researching family histories and family trees, as well as others pursuing more academic genealogical interests. 

Who sat the test?

A tertiary educational institution called on the expertise of FDS to determine whether one student had substituted for another student in a series of examinations.  The provision of writing specimens based on assignments submitted by the students concerned led to cheating bein

Police notebook entry

FDS was requested to examine an entry in a police notebook to ascertain whether or not it was a contemporaneous record of events.  The entry read "request witness protection".

Electronic signatures & handwriting

FDS is making increasing use of digitising pads and specially designed software to capture specimens of handwriting and/or signatures of persons of interest in questioned document cases.  This allows quantitative measurements of the dynamics of writing including spee

How many specimen documents do I need to obtain for a comparison?

Every case is different and there is no fixed or ideal number of specimen documents that are required.  As a general comment, the more specimen material we have the better the basis for a strong result.

Gonzales murders

In 2005 Seth Gonzales’ parents and sister were murdered in their family home in Lane Cove, Sydney.

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